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On a mission is to empower 1,00,000 Malayalees to achieve English fluency and confidence, leveraging my journey from local roots to global expertise


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Meet Our Instructor

  1. Extensive Academic and Professional Credentials: Holds M.A, M.Phil, NET qualifications, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in English, establishing a deep academic expertise in the field.
  2. Certified Cambridge TESOL Trainer: A certified Cambridge Certified TESOL trainer with 13 years of experience as an Assistant Professor of English in government service, showcasing recognized teaching abilities and extensive experience.
  3. Innovative Teaching Style: Known for an essentialism teaching style, focusing on structured, principle-based learning that emphasizes the essence of educational content.
  4. Strong Digital Presence: Operates a successful YouTube channel with 9.11k subscribers and over 9,00,000 views, demonstrating an ability to engage and educate a wide audience digitally.
  5. Results-Oriented Approach: Highly result-oriented, dedicated to ensuring students achieve tangible progress and outcomes in their language learning journey.
  6. Exceptional Communication Skills: Possesses superb English speaking skills and a neutral accent, ideal for students aiming to achieve fluency and global comprehensibility.
  7. Committed Continuous Learner: Constantly enhancing teaching skills by participating in advanced courses like "Ultraspeaking" and being part of India's leading group of coaches and trainers.
  8. Empowering Malayalees: Embarked on a personal journey from studying in Malayalam medium to teaching oneself English, now on a mission to help Malayalees speak English with confidence.
Pradeep Hariharan


 "From Malayalam Roots to English Fluency: Transform Your English with a Proven Expert""

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All payment sustem as are accepted. You can even make international payments also.

Student Stories

Englitera English Solutions has been a game-changer for me. Their coaching has significantly improved my English skills. The teachers are highly knowledgeable and supportive. I am grateful for their guidance and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to enhance their English proficiency.


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