What is Englitera?

At Englitera English Solutions, our mission is to empower 100,000 students to attain success in English proficiency, with a specialized focus on IELTS, Overseas Spoken English, and PTE Exams through the innovative application of our 'Dynamic Language Model,' We aim to equip individuals with the language skills essential for a fulfilling and successful life. Let no deficiency in English skills hinder the pursuit of your dreams.

Moreover, we believe in empowering individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in English. Our tailored coaching programs, interactive teaching methods, and personalized attention ensure that each student receives the support they need to achieve their goals.


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What do we stand for?

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower 100,000 students for English proficiency success, specializing in IELTS, Overseas Spoken English, and PTE Exams. Through our innovative 'Dynamic Language Model,' we equip individuals with essential language skills, eliminating barriers to their dreams. Our belief in empowerment drives tailored coaching programs, interactive teaching methods, and personalized attention, ensuring each student excels in English and achieves their goals."

Future is No-Code

"At Englitera, we're shaping the future of English proficiency for IELTS and PTE learners. With cutting-edge training, we prepare students not only for exams but also for the evolving demands of global communication. Join us in mastering English as a key to boundless opportunities in the future."

Friendship & Supporting

At Englitera, we extend the spirit of friendship and unwavering support to our students on their journey to English proficiency. Our mission is not just about imparting knowledge but fostering a community where learners uplift and encourage one another. Together, we build a foundation of camaraderie that fuels success and creates lasting connections beyond the realm of language learning.

We care about you

At Englitera, our commitment goes beyond language proficiency; it's about caring for you. We believe in creating a learning environment that prioritizes your well-being and success.

Join us, where 'We care about you' is not just a slogan but a cornerstone of our mission to empower and uplift every learner."

Meet Our Instructor

San Franciscan contrarian Conference attendee Y-combinator funded self-driving car startup. Ryan Hoover-funded weird European NFT startup. Metaverse-based clout-chasing influencer.

Pradeep Hariharan


Pradeep Hariharan is a highly qualified and Expereinced English Trainer who has touched the lives of more than 25k students.

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